Flex On Edge Flow Wrapper

Leading the way in Petri dish flow wrapping, we our very proud of the Flex On Edge. We believe our success is due to the robust design which allows our customers to run 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week with little maintenance. It has an optional infeed collation system to suit your clean room space and integrate with the pouring machine.

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We understand packaging is a critical tool in the pharmaceutical industry for product delivery and regulatory compliance, our flow wrapper can wrap in a contamination free environment or Cleanroom. We carry out strict cleaning on all our pharmaceutical machines for the purpose of the safety of the pharmaceutical preparations in order to keep them free from contamination, hinder microbial growth, and ensure product safety through the intended shelf life for the pharmaceuticals.

A Customer from Scotland in 2010

We are currently manufacturing over 15 million plates per annum and have been using the Flexwrap system since 2004. Our two machines have proved to be robust, easy to use and reliable. I would recommend them for any fast moving manufacturing production line” 

Flex On Edge Flow Wrapper

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