FLEXWRAP Flow Wrapper


Low Maintenance

Unique robust design with no annual servicing required and very little maintenance.

Quick Size Change

Quickly change from one product to another in seconds! Five simple hand adjustments with no tools required.

Quality Components

High quality internationally recognized components which can be sourced worldwide.

No Contamination

The product is placed directly onto the wrapping material so there is no contamination and need for clean down between products.

All Industries




“We have used the FLEXWRAP flow wrapping machine for nearly 10 years now and it has barely put a foot wrong. Now we are packing more and more products for a longer shelf life and it is used throughout the day. We would recommend this wrapping machine highly.”

 Fresh Produce

Watermelon & Pineapple


A recent project saw FDA Packaging supplying and installing a FLEXWRAP machine, specifically for wrapping fruit which would be sold in Asda stores. The fruit 'snack packs' are selling well because they are ideal for 'on the go' eating and also including in lunch boxes and school bags.




“We first purchased the Flex Wrap Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine in 2015 to help improve efficiency. We were so impressed with the machine that we purchased a second unit"


Petri Dish 2017


It's been 14 years since we developed our first Petri dish packaging machine and all the time we strive to improve our functionality and service to customers.

More reasons to choose FDA Packaging

There are many factors to consider when investing in a FLEXWRAP, we use the word ‘investment’ because we believe the machine you choose should be able to reduce your costs and increase your profits thus growing your business.

The FLEXWRAP is operated by a single person and can wrap at a speed of up to 35 packs per minute (single operator speed). With decreased labour costs and less wrapping time, how much will you save by installing a FLEXWRAP machine?

The FLEXWRAP machine has minimal maintenance, just grease the slide ways once a week… and you’re done!  Annual servicing can be a large, on going cost. This is why at FDA  machines our built with parts that last, eradicating the need for an annual service, thus saving your company money.

We often receive reports that the optimised presentation and increased shelf life of the products wrapped using our FLEXWRAP machine has increased sales, helping business to grow.

Our machines have been designed without the normal complications of a standard flow wrapper by an experienced engineer with a specialism in flow wrapper machines.

It can be changed from size to size in minutes without the need for using tools or changing parts (no onsite engineer needed).

Our FLEXWRAP machine has a very small foot print of 2.5 x 1 meter allowing it to be fitted into small spaces. The power supply for the machine is single phase, meaning you will not need to pay extra for a three phase connection. Being on castors (wheels), it is easy to move or reposition as needed.

We do not charge an annual support fee, however if you were to experience any problems with your machine, we are only a phone call away. Over the years we have found that the majority of problems are corrected over the phone and are usually human error. In the event that your problem cannot be remedied over the phone we are always happy to send one of our experienced engineers out to your premises at a very reasonable cost. However, it is worth noting that there are currently machines worldwide, and it is rare we hear of problems with any of them.

The machine is built in Norwich, England using quality components from the likes of Panasonic, Mitsubishi, SMC and IMO. They are all parts which can be sourced outside of FDA packaging. However we are always willing to supply you with spare parts directly from FDA at a competitive price.

We do not sell the cheapest packaging machine and will never try to compete with imported low quality machines. We are successful because the quality and longevity of the FLEXWRAP machine vastly reduces ongoing costs, saving you money long term.

FDA packaging has FLEXWRAP machines worldwide and the number is still growing on the back of a great reputation. We are happy to share our success and will provide you on request with the contact information of our customers so you can see or hear it for yourself.

We want you to make the right decision for your company as it is a big investment. If it is not the right machine for you then we wish you every success in your search.

Flexwrap Comparison Chart:

FlexWrap Versus Flow Wrapper (Standard)
Minimal maintenance
No annual servicing
No cleaning between products
Maintenance High maintenance
Annual servicing
Cleaning between products
No size change parts
Hand adjustments
2 Min change over
Flexibility Change parts
Tool adjusted
10+min change over
2.5m x 1m Foot print
Single phase
On wheels
Installation Large foot print
Three phase
Fork lift required