Pharmaceutical Petri dish packaging machines 2017

Once again we start the year strong with a healthy order book and production in full swing. The core of our business is coming from the Petri dish industry, where we see huge growth and demand worldwide. With such growth we wonder if the demand is ever going to slow down but with new companies worldwide entering the Petri dish industry every year, it’s only growing faster!

We have recently installed our first machine in Vietnam (at Lavitec), which is particularly exciting as we get to tick another country off our expanding list! In our workshop, we have three On-Edge machines near completion. These systems wrap stacks of 10 Petri dishes and are destined for South Korea and Mexico.

It’s been 14 years since we developed our first Petri dish packaging machine and all the time we strive to improve our functionality and service to customers. As we’re constantly looking at repeat as well as new orders every year, it certainly looks like we’re doing something right!

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