Global food trends show us that consumers are more likely to buy fresh products if they’re easy to use and look attractive on supermarket shelves. Packaging design has played a key role in selling fresh, healthy produce to busy modern families and single serve containers are now leading the way.

A recent project saw FDA Packaging supplying and installing a FLEXWRAP flow-wrapper machine, specifically for wrapping fruit which would be sold in Asda stores. The fruit ‘snack packs’ are selling well because they are ideal for ‘on the go’ eating and also including in lunch boxes and school bags.

We were approached by Del Monte to develop a flow wrap machine to package watermelon and pineapple pieces in-situ at their factory in Wisbech – with a turnaround time of just 3 weeks! We’re delighted to say that our first machine dedicated to fruit snack packaging is now wrapping 30 packs per minute and also incorporates a print registration facility.

See our flagship British made machine in action for Del Monte via YouTube!