FDA – Metallic Wool Company

The Metallic Wool Company bought their first flow-wrap packaging machine from FDA in 2002 followed by a second in 2006. We’re happy to say that both machines are still used in full production every day!

FDA engineers made a visit to replace a component on one of the machines last month – for the first time in 15 years. Our unique packaging machines have come a long way since then and we’ve seen many improvements. In 2017, we know that it’s hard to improve on reliability when we see our equipment functioning day in, day out with no significant problems.

Early FDA packaging machine models were painted white but due to food industry requirements, we now only use anodized aluminium, stainless steel and zinc plated steel. Our basic design hasn’t changed all that much over the years and nor have the components. This is mainly because we don’t feel the need to change something that works and is proven to last! Nor have we given in to using cheaper components on our machines – we only use the best from manufacturers including SMC, Panasonic, IMO and Mitsubishi.

Based in Kent, the Metallic Wool Company is the UK’s only manufacturer of steel wool. A producer of quality steel wool products for over 30 years, the company works with leading suppliers and distributors. Their flexible attitude allows them to adapt to and cater for individual customers’ requirements.

Find out more about the Metallic Wool Company by visiting their website at http://www.metallic-wool.co.uk/