FDA – Hill Brush Company

We recently visited the Hill Brush company in Mere, Wiltshire to service one of our Flexwrap Packaging Machines. Originally supplied in 2007 and followed by a second in 2013, our machines are used to wrap a variety of products which differ greatly in size – from small nail brushes to long broom handles!

The packaging machines will in fact be moving into a new Hill Brush facility at the end of 2016, which we look forward too seeing on our next visit. The Visitor Centre at Norwood Park will span over 600 sq.m (more than 6400 sq.ft) which will include a museum, restaurant, indoor & outdoor seating and a shop!

As “experts in manufacturing cleaning equipment” Hill Brush have been making high quality brushware since 1922. Starting life in a small UK town, they began by specialising in dairy and agricultural brushes but swiftly grew so that many of the streets were being swept with their brushes. One of the first companies in the industry to have their own website, Hill Brush now produces almost 3000 different products and supplies over 90 countries around the world.

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