Testimonial: Barkers Bakery

Michael Todd, Director:

“Barkers Bakery are the very happy owners of an FDA wrapping machine. We have had the machine for over 10 years now and are delighted with the quality of wrapping and the reliability of the machine. Our employees use the machine every day and find it easy to use and highly efficient. FDA are a great company to do business with and we would highly recommend them to potential customers”

Barkers is a friendly, family-run bakery providing products for the wholesale and retail markets across Cambridgeshire. Launched in 1950 by husband and wife George and Joan Barker, customer satisfaction is still vital to their success and they are constantly working hard to retain their well-earned reputation for quality goods and service.

The current owner is Richard Barker, son of George and Joan, who joined the business in the mid 1960s. Starting out as a small village bakery Barkers now employs 100 staff, manages five shops and runs a state of the art bakery which serves hundreds of customers throughout Cambridgeshire, 6 days per week.

Find out more about Barkers Bakery via their website at http://www.barkers-bakery.co.uk/