Testimonial: Graso Biotech

Head Technologist

“The machine we purchased from FDA in 2010 is still working very well and we learn more about the flow wrapper capabilities every day. We believe it’s the best purchase we have made during the history of the company so we don’t think it will be the last!”

We are pleased to say that Graso Biotech have since ordered a second right angle Petri dish flow wrapper machine! They will be using it to wrap 90mm Petri dishes and 65mm contact plates, which are fed onto the right angle conveyor and indexed into the machine.

Graso Biotech specialises in microbiology and is located in Gdańsk, Poland. Starting life as a division of a family-run packaging business, since 1996 it has developed into the biggest manufacturer of ready-to-use culture media in Central Europe. Manufacturing and quality control is carried out in-house, using automated lines within fully controlled environments. With a range of products including plates, biplates, bottles, tubes and powders, Graso Biotech currently export to Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France and Italy.

Find out more about Graso Biotech via their website at http://grasobiotech.pl/en

UPDATE 19/01/2017

Machine No.2  Successfully installed.